Clare Shepherd

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Five Horses at Ram's Coombe
Exe Fragments
Through the Exe Cleave
God's Eye at Lucott Cross
Evolution of the Moon: Waning Gibbous
Exmoor National Park, Spring Beech Banks
Road over Exford Common
Summer Riverbed Exmoor
Ancient Hills; Exe Cleave
Wellshead allotment over Westermill
Above Sparcombe Water
River Gate, Sparcombe Water.
Exe, river gate
Exe Tributary
Land Tracks and Sky Tracks
Exe Cleave
Branch, Tributary
Ferns at Sparcombe
Sheep beside the Exe
Tunnel of Beech.
Beech beside the Exe.
Exford Common 1
Exford Common 2
Long View
Emperor Above The Exe Cleave
Autumn, Exe Cleave. W/colour
Hunt over White Water
Where Sparcombe Water Rises
Larch and Oak beside The Exe
Green Beech
Pine and Larch
Open Gate
Sunny Field
Top Moor
Top Moor 2
Small Moor
Ram's Combe
Cut, Exmoor
At Westermill
Strange Sky
Rain Across Exmoor
Remembered Hills, Exmoor
Winter Gibbous
Exe Tributary
Moon, Gorge and Tree
Withypool Common
Shadow of a Jackdaw
Exe Tributary
Road out of Withypool
Track beside The Exe
Two Ways on Withypool Hill
Withypool Hill
Ravens across The Barle
Kestrel on a headwind above The Barle
Listening to Larks above Simonsbath
The Barle at Pinkworthy
Crow at Landacre Bridge
Larks above Uppington from Withypool Common
The Barn at Westermill
From Julian and Pollys house Withypool
Beyond Brendan Two Gates
Red Deer Running Far Hill
First View Brendon Two Gates
Thistle beside the road Lucott Cross

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