Clare Shepherd

Cranborne Chase
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Roman Road at Handley Cross
Knowlton Church and Henge
Eclipse over Cranborne Chase
Cloud Shadows on The Plough
Road Across The Chase
Calm Coast at Hound's Tout
George and Melbury Beacon
The Virgin Came to Minchington
Evolution of the Moon, full.
Maiden Castle
Cold Morning at Stubhampton**
Sheep on The Stour
Swallow over The Stour
Five Crows and a Buzzard, Fontmell
Between Win Green and Compton Abbas
Lark and Crows over Cranborne Chase
Gull on The Stour at Blandford
Burial Mounds From Ackling Dyke
Rooks at Win Green III
Crow over the Give Way Sign
Crow and Ripe Seed Heads
Crow Landing
Saplings and Sleeping Pigs
Three Ways
Wildflower Meadow Setting Sun.
When The Rook Gun Blows
Grasses in The Wildflower Meadow
Clouds Of Daisies Across the Wildflower Meadow 1
Broad Stones at Blackwater Stream
Stubble Fields, Cranborne Chase
Unruly Weather on Cranborne Chase
Watcher on The Ackling Dyke
Passing Places
Burial Grounds
The Chase, Oakwood
The Chase
The Chase -Detail
Sodden Track
Sheep Sheltering on The Chase
Hod Hill Mapped
Hod Hill
Chalke Drove
Hod Hill 2
Poplars at Hod Hill
Altered Horizon
Wild Meadow
Seeded Willowherb
Plump Autumn
Seeded Willowherb 2
Summer Pond
Yellow Sky Series. 2
Martin Down
Ditch and Bank
Dorset Moon
Fold, West Bexington
Sea And Light, West Bexington
Lifting Sea, West Bexington
Breaking Sea, West Bexington
Dusk, West Bexington
Wave, West Bexington
Invisible Force, West Bexington
Along the Lane - Last of the Winter River
Tall Thistles beside the River Allen
Calm Day, Dorset Coast
Penbury from the Bokerly Dyke
Penbury Knoll

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